Stumptown Throwdown

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Stumptown Throwdown

Thanks for attending the third annual Stumptown Throwdown!  The unofficial results are below.  Please contact the gym if their are any corrections.

Final Scores Male

Final Scores Female


PRG-Stumptown Throwdown

New T-Shirts!

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New T-Shirts!

Just in! Come by the gym and check out our new, awesome t-shirts! Choose from two styles – men and women’s fit and sizes! Only $20 for this amazing garment! You’re going to want to add one to your closet ASAP!

Screen Shot 2014-10-24 at 4.13.48 PM

9th Annual PDX Ice Fest

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9th Annual PDX Ice Fest

Want to test out your ice climbing skills? It’s that time of year again… The Portland Alpine Festival is here, and as part of that festival, we are proud to present the 9th Annual PDX Ice Fest! Check out all the details below:



Membership Appreciation Sale!

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Membership Appreciation Sale!

From October 21 to November 30, all existing annual members will be able to renew for a special discounted rate of $519 (normally $572)!


From November 23 to 30, anyone can purchase an annual membership for the special discounted rate of $519 (normally $572)!

Note: EFT Contracts are no longer on an annual basis. There is a $50 initiation fee and the dues will be deducted automatically from your account on the 5th of every month. There is no cancellation fee. EFT Contracts can be put on pause “frozen” for $10/month. See more about our membership rates here.

Ben’s Corner: Pink Feather

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Welcome to our new blog highlight, Ben’s Corner, where our staff will give you a bit of a “guidebook” to Portland Rock Gym routes. First off…

Route Name: Pink Feather

Grade: 5.12-

Location: Anchor 20 – “Stair step”

For all of you looking to break the grade on a 5.12 gym climb, c heck out “Pink Feather”. It follows the obvious line on the west facing “steps”. Come up off the ground into a flowing hand over hand crimp climb punctuated by good rests and a few long reaches. Then keep it together for that last clip and you’re set yourself up for a proper “Rocktober!”

Portland Rock Gym is Growing!

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Portland Rock Gym is Growing!

We’ve got exciting news! Coming in Spring 2015, Portland Rock Gym will be expanding and getting a facelift. We can’t wait to share more details with you over the coming months. Get psyched!

PRG-11x17 Print

REEL ROCK 9 Pre-Party at Mountain Shop!

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REEL ROCK 9 Pre-Party at Mountain Shop!

Come party with us at the Mountain Shop (1510 NE 37th Ave, Portland, Oregon 97232) before REEL ROCK 9!

September 17, 2014 : 5PM
September 18, 2014 : 5PM

They’ll be serving up Base Camp Brewing Company beer and some light snacks, as well as a heavy helping of stoke! There might even be some prizes given away. (And by might, we of course mean, there absolutely will be prizes!)

After the fun, we’ll walk the two blocks to Hollywood Theater for the main attraction. Be sure to buy your tickets now for REEL ROCK 9!

Access Fund Conservation!

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Access Fund Conservation!

Mark your Calendar!

September 9th, 5-8PM
Conservation Team BBQ

September 13th, 9AM-2PM
Adopt-A-Crag: Broughton Bluff

Come join the Access Fund Conservation Team and the Mazamas for some trail work at Broughton Bluff. We’ll meet up at 9AM in the Lewis & Clark State Park parking lot off I-84 on Sept. 13th. See more information here.

This project is supported by the Oregon Parks and Recreation Department, Mountain Shop, Portland Rock Gym, The Source Climbing Center, and Next Adventure

I Am Not Hard Core

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Mazama (4)

Written by guest blogger Heather Marsh, PRG Climber

For starters, let me begin by clarifying: I am not hard core.

I always used to assume that climbers and other outdoor enthusiasts were born ready to tackle anything that came their way, and I never thought of myself as that person. I remember visiting Garden of the Gods in Colorado while in college and watching the climbers in awe, thinking how amazing it’d be to be up there, but never for a second did I think I’d be one of them. It just didn’t occur to me.

Back in 2012, my sister and I got a deal on a beginners class at PRG. It was perfect: we could try something new, we could do it together, win-win. So, we took the class. And both of us fell in love. We used every bit of the time that came along with the class, and then bought up longer amounts of time. She took a break for a while, but even without my belay partner I couldn’t stop. I would go and climb the auto belay and talk to random strangers who were doing the same. I ended up climbing with and getting to know a handful of really great people (enthusiastic plug for offering a belay to others who are alone at the gym… I’ve never once regretted it!). They challenged me, encouraged me.

I got better.

Suddenly, those tiny pinch holds that terrified me when I started didn’t seem so bad, and I found myself climbing 5.9s without too much trouble. When I sent my first 5.10, I wanted to take a picture and hang it on my fridge. I didn’t, but I should have.

I spent a lot of time asking questions. By spring of 2013, I knew I wanted to work up to lead, that was my big goal for the year. By fall, I’d taken the course, and was certified for lead in the gym. Since then, I’ve started to lead outside, had my first painful fall, and conquered countless obstacles that I honestly never thought I’d have even attempted.

And today? I’m still not hard core. I don’t climb 5.12s. And sometimes I end up taking more of a break from climbing than I’d like, when life gets in the way. But I miss it like crazy. I always come back to it. I love it. It challenges my brain, my body, my will. It’s introduced me to some amazing people, amazing places.


These days, most recently, I can be found on the bouldering wall, trying to build up my strength and my callouses from a climbing hiatus that lasted far too long. I’m learning to love the short pitches and more puzzling challenges that are involved in bouldering. I’m that person staring at the wall, and trying the same bit over and over, pushing herself a little harder each time, and probably finally conquering it just before she leaves for the day. Or maybe I’ll be there lead climbing with my friends who are far more hard core than I am, who push me to be better, climb harder, be willing to fall more. I still hate falling. Or maybe I’ll be talking to another climber, comparing stories about how climbing really did change my life. Completely. My confidence, my priorities, my muscle tone, even my tan is better since I started climbing (I still wear sunscreen!).

I could throw a million cheesy lines in here to finish this post, but really the moral of my story is pretty simple. Climb. Challenge gravity, your perception of yourself, your body. Look down. See how far you’ve come.

Back to School! Back to PRG!

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Back to School! Back to PRG!

Did you miss us this Summer? We missed you! If you took the Summer off, it’s time to get back to climbing! Our afterschool youth programs are designed to give young climbers between the ages of 6 -17 a chance to learn and improve climbing skills. It’s a cool way to connect with other climbers while staying fit. Enrollment is on a monthly basis and will be at the start of each month. See more information and sign up today!