sean's guide bio picSean Harris

(Photo: Sean on Murray Lunge at Hueco Tanks – in a banana costume.)

Number of years climbing: I started climbing when I lived in southern Arizona back in 2002.
Favorite style of climbing: While climbing long moderate traditional pitches still appeals to me, I mainly stick to sport climbing and bouldering.
AMGA certification level: AMGA SPI
Number of years guiding: I received my first guiding certification in 2005 through the AMGA.
Locations guided: I guided clients around the Catalinas and Cochise Stronghold before moving to Portland in 2012. Since being in the Northwest I’ve enjoyed the lush landscapes and temperate climate that makes climbing in and around Portland enjoyable nearly year round.
What you LOVE about guiding: It’s always a thrill to see someone fall in love with climbing, whether its indoors or out, which is why I started guiding in the first place!


photoAdam Snyder

Number of years climbing: 8

Favorite style of climbing: Long traditional routes

Certifications: AMGA SPI with Successful completion of the AMGA Rock Guide Course.  WFR, AIARE I & II.
Number of years guiding: 6
Locations guided: Pennsylvania, Oregon, and Washington.
Area of expertise: Client Care, Managing Risk, Having a good time!
What you LOVE about guiding:  I would have to say that teaching is my favorite part of the job.  There are few things more gratifying than watching someone grow as a climber and as a person through the medium of your instruction and their own experiences.   It’s a beautiful thing!

Had my first outdoor rock climbing experience with the Gym to Crag class and Adam. Had an amazing experience, improved my confidence during the 4 hour class and 4 different routes. Can’t wait to go again outdoors and continuing my rock climbing journey!! -Osvaldo D. 


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