Fitness Classes at Wy’east Studio!

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prg-cross-circuit-instagram prg-HIIT-instagram- prg-FRT-instagramWy’east Studio at PRG now offers three new ways to stay in shape, aid your climbing goals, or both!

Introducing Cross Circuit Training, FRT [Functional Resistance Training] for Climbers, and HIIT [High Intensity Interval Training] + Core.

Cross Circuit focuses on combining strength training and cardio-style workouts. It is a circuit inspired workout that focuses on power, agility, strength, core, and cardio to give you a full body conditioning in one class.
FRT for Climbers works to improve Functional Strength, which is the strength that gets us through daily activities. FRT is a strength conditioning class that focuses on multi-joint, multi-muscle movements using resistance training to improve strength and increase range of motion.
HIIT + Core is a 30 minute high intensity interval training workout, followed by 15 minutes of core exercises. This interval-based class utilizes different metabolic conditioning formats, as well as body-weight exercises designed to improve your performance, endurance, and tone your body.

For all classes modifications for all fitness levels are provided. Gym shoes are required but mats are optional.

Check out the schedule of regularly held yoga and fitness classes and find the classes or classes that’s right for you!

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