Youth Policy

  1. Youth under 18 must have a wavier on file signed by parent or legal guardian prior to climbing in the gym.
  2. Youth under 14 must be actively supervised by a trained/experienced adult when in the bouldering area. Exceptions may be made for children with an Annual Memberships and significant climbing experience (determined by PRG staff).
  3. Youth under 14 are not allowed in the gym without a chaperone. Climbers must be at least 14 to top-rope belay. Climbers must be at least 14 to lead belay.

Please read all the rules below thoroughly before climbing at PRG.


Gym Rules

To climb as risk free as possible, you must follow these rules!

Climbing Rules

  1. You must complete and sign a liability waiver before participating in any Portland Rock Gym, Inc. (“PRG”) activities.  Minors 17 years or younger must have their waiver signed by a parent or legal guardian.
  2. You may not belay a climber here unless you have been belay approved by the PRG staff and wear a PRG belay card on the back of your harness while belaying.
  3. You may not teach others how to belay, regardless of your ability.
  4. Children under the age of 14 must be actively supervised by an instructor or parent while in the gym and must not climb higher than head height without being on belay.
  5. You must use the belay system when you climb higher than six (6) feet above the floor (i.e. feet at 6 ft. level).
  6. You must use a rock climbing harness approved by the UIAA/CE that is in good condition (as defined by the harness manufacturer) while climbing and belaying.
  7. You must belay with a PRG approved belay device.  These include tube and stitch style (Ex: ATC and Pyramid) as well as assisted breaking devices (Ex: Grigri and Cinch).
  8. Belayers are to be attentive and free of distractions while belaying. Belayers should not be sitting, lying down, or involved in conversation.  Please restrict your cell phone use to the lobby and by the cubbies.  Do not use flash photography.
  9. No climbing or traversing above or below other climbers or route setters.
  10. You must be aware of the possible trajectory of another climber’s fall, particularly on the lead wall and overhangs. Stand Clear! If you are climbing and think you may endanger someone if you fall, speak up.  Spectators should stay inside to the red lines marked on the floor.
  11. Occupied lead routes need to have an open anchor on either side.
  12. No bare feet or lug-soled boots/shoes allowed on climbing walls.
  13. No alcohol or drugs allowed.  You may not climb here if you have received medical treatment or are using prescription drugs that could impair your alertness or coordination.
  14. Climbers cannot have anything in their pockets or drop items from the wall.
  15. Any unsafe condition must be reported immediately to gym staff.  This includes damage to equipment, climbing walls, loose holds, accidents, and injuries.
  16. No food or drink in the climbing areas.
  17. No cameras or smart phones in the locker or restrooms.
  18. No running allowed.

Lead Belaying Rules

  1. Lead climbers and belayers must be approved to lead climb and belay by the PRG gym staff and must wear a PRG lead belay card on the back of their harness while lead belaying or climbing.
  2. Leaders must use correct climbing and clipping techniques.  These include but are not limited to: a) No rope behind your leg. b) No back clipping. c) No Z clipping. d) Leader must clip all quick draws and anchors on lead walls.
  3. Belayers must be attentive at all times while “on belay“.  Belayers should not be sitting, lying down, or involved in conversation.
  4. Leaders MUST not lead next to an occupied route.
  5. In order to top-rope a lead route, both anchor bolts and the top four bolts must be clipped.
  6. Leaders must not take intentional lead falls and may not hang their own quickdraws.  See staff on duty for exceptions.
  7. Lead belayers must spot climbers until they have clipped the first bolt.
  8. Lead belayers must stay within arms reach of the wall for the duration of the first four clips, and within eight feet of the first clip thereafter.
  9. Lead climber must remain directly “on belay” at all times off the ground. (No rappelling.)
  10. Down leading is not allowed.
  11. Leaders must use their own UIAA/CE approved rope that is in good condition as defined by the rope manufacturer.

Bouldering Rules

  1. You must get an orientation from the staff prior to using the bouldering area.
  2. Children under the age of 14 must be actively supervised by an instructor or parent while in the gym and must not climb higher than head height.
  3. Climbers should use a crash pad.
  4. Aim for the center of the crash pad when falling/jumping down.
  5. Down-climb whenever possible.
  6. Be aware of the possible fall trajectory of other climbers and refrain from walking under climbers or climbing over other people.
  7. Use a spotter to reduce the chance of injury.
  8. No Loose chalk. CHALK BALLS and CHALK POTS ONLY.

Auto-Belay Rules

  1. You must get an orientation from the staff prior to using the auto-belays.
  2. The auto-belays are only for climbers who weigh between 22lbs and 330lbs.
  3. Climber on an auto-belay must climb on the routes for that auto-belay they are clipped into, not on routes adjacent to the auto-belay they are clipped into.
  4. Auto-belays next to lead routes cannot be used when the lead route is occupied.
  5. Climbers using the auto-belays should follow the posted instructions for clipping in and out of the auto-belays.

Special Note about Headphones:

  1. Lead climbers and all belayers cannot wear headphones.
  2. While climbers on top rope, auto-belays, and in the bouldering area can use headphones, they should be aware of their surroundings and keep the volume low so that other people can get their attention if needed.