Meet our PRG Crew!


garyGary Rall


Gary has been climbing throughout the West coast for almost 40 years. On a trip to England in 1987, he got the idea of a building a rock gym. While there, Rall heard about a community center that had a climbing wall where people kept in shape during the winter months when the weather was bad. He thought of Portland’s rainy weather and decided to build the USA’s second climbing gym. His wife, Julie, actually came up with the phrase “rock gym” as they named the business. Read more about Gary and Portland Rock Gym’s history here or here.


Erik Allsopp

General Manager, Psychology Enthusiast, Elite Level Sleeper, Moderate Level Rock Climber, AIARE Level I


Erik started climbing in college the notorious mountains of Pennsylvania.  After spending too much time on the east coast he headed to Colorado and climbed as much high alpine granite as his schedule allowed.  He has also been a backcountry wilderness guide, skier and has a striking suspicion of avalanches.  In the Northwest, he digs the climbing at Smith Rock and the skiing that Mount Bachelor and the Northern Cascades offers.  Outside of the gym he is probably down the street at Triumph Coffee or in the gym training for some audacious goal, like climbing Mount Hood from the North, South, East and West all in one day.  Favorite Climbing Location(s): Moab, Rocky Mountain National Park, Bishop, Red Rocks, Smith, Rumney etc…
Sean's climbing profile pic

Sean Harris

Instructor, Head Setter, Guide Extraordinaire,
 AMGA SPI, USAC Level 3 Setter
Setting Initials: SH

Sean hails from Tucson, Arizona. He got hooked on climbing in 2002 and has traveled through much of the western U.S. to climb.  His favorite climbing area is Bishop, but the climb that sticks with him the most is “Royal Arches” in Yosemite.  Sean started setting in 2004 and in 2005 became an AMGA climbing guide. Now he is a USAC level 3 setter and holds an American Mountain Guide Association, Single Pitch Instructor certification.  Sean has experience setting for local, regional and divisional USAC comps for roped climbing and bouldering.  During the climbing season, you can find Sean out at his favorite local crag, Carver.  Sean teaches all of the classes we offer in the gym, and he frequently does private lessons and runs the month long conditioning clinic, Rock Training. When he is not climbing, instructing, guiding or setting, Sean likes to hike, snowboard and “shoot some b-ball.”

DSCN0588(1)Josh Richards

Josh is gneiss, tuff, and a little bit wack.  All around Rock Solid.
Head of Guiding, AMGA SPI, Wilderness First Responder (WFR), AIARE Level 1

As you may have guessed from the header, Josh studied Geography and Geology in college and loves a good discussion about the Earth.
He grew up in Colorado which fostered a great love of the rocks and all types of climbing. With the Pikes Peak granite batholith as his city’s backdrop, Josh was surrounded by rocks. Not only steep granite canyons and alpine routes, but also limestone ridges and sandstone spires scattered across the Front Range. Those rocks were his playground and inspired a lifetime passion to climb the world. Josh hasn’t looked down since! Some of his favorite climbing spots include Garden of the Gods, Lumpy Ridge, City of Rocks, South Platte, and Shelf Road.
When Josh isn’t climbing he enjoys mountain biking, tele skiing, mountaineering, photography, and pretty much any adventure.
Josh currently teaches our Introductory Lesson and as an AMGA SPI certified guide leads classes and trips for PRG’s Outdoor Program.


1378262_700825113302807_1451041597_nGriffin Fuller

Setter, All Around Ripped Dude, Pudding Aficionado
Setting Initials: GF

Griffin is a former youth climber from Cincinnati, Ohio. He has been climbing for 10 years and setting for seven. His favorite place to climb is Little Rock City, TN and his favorite route is “God Module” (V11) at Horse Pens 40. Outside of climbing, Griffin enjoys jujitsu, snowboarding, and mountain biking.


andre hoyos picAndre Hoyos

Saxophonist, USAC Level 1 Setter, puppy photographer

Andre has been climbing on and off for over 10 years. He’s originally from Dallas, TX. As a youngin’, he went with a friend to a local comp that had music, food, and prizes. Suffice to say that plus climbing was enough to win him over and he’s been getting after it ever since! His favorite spots to climb are HP40, Hueco Tanks, & Joes Valley.
Besides climbing Andre enjoys creating/editing videos for a climbing YouTube channel called ClimbingTv. He dabbled in photography for a bit and had a gig taking puppy portraits for dog breeders across the Midwest.
You can find Andre setting routes most days at PRG. In addition to all his climbing experience Andre has competed at the world famous Setter Showdown and is a USAC Level 1 Commercial Routesetter. Combine all that and you’ve got another awesome setter putting up great routes at PRG!
Andre also plays the sax and we’re now considering Jazz night at the gym.


_DSC0510--toothKatya Star

Ex-Software Developer, Russian Super Star

Katya has been living in Portland for 5 years now and hails from “Mother Russia!”  She has been climbing for 6 years and counts PRG as one of her favorite crags, although she finds something special and unique about all of the crags she visits.  Katya first tried climbing at Six Flags amusement park.  Kudos to them for getting her hooked!  To challenge you to get to the top, the hardest route had a $20 bill attached to the anchor. Unfortunately, Katya didn’t win big money that day but she did keep climbing, which is winning in our book!


benBen Wilson

Instructor, Excels at Belay Dance Style
Setting Initials: BW

Ben has been climbing for about five years.  The story of how Ben got started is best told his own words:  “As a runt growing up outside Boston, I lived in some housing projects where the maintenance would charge residents $20 if they ever locked themselves out to get back in (which was illegal). My mother, a creative woman, used to have me free solo the porch scaffolding and the rafters under the eves to break in through an open window or porch door and unlock the apartment from the inside. This is when I discovered my confidence with the Y axis. My mother only charged $5, and sometimes I would sneak a slice of American cheese from the fridge and fold it up into a cube and eat it.”  His favorite places to climb are Cathedral Ledge, NH & Red Rock, NV.  

Besides working at PRG, Ben is also a Research and Development Test Pilot for the nonprofit Pacific Space Flight.  He is a self proclaimed Expert Minesweeper with a 52 second record. Aw yeah, Minesweeper.



Camille Kornacki

Pro Snuggler, Cat Doodler

Camille arrived to Portland on two wheels when her bike trip from Mexico to Canada, and did not end in Canada. Maybe one day she and her bike will make it to Canada, but for now we’re glad she decided to stay! Before coming to the PNW Camille was making her presence known all over the US; she’s lived in Detroit, Rochester, Cleveland, DC, Atlanta, and Nashville. Camille has been climbing for most of her life. After nabbing the first ascent of her family’s fridge at age 2 (F9), she soon graduated to climbing trees, and then joined the local gym in DC when she was 12. She and her family took many trips to the Red River Gorge growing up, and she still considers The Red to be one of her favorite climbing spots along with The Red Barn in Rochester (if you know of any other spots with red in the name she’d probably like that too!) Aside from rock climbing, Camille enjoys drawing crazy patterns, making beautiful art, doing crossword puzzles whiled drinking coffee, snuggling with Miguel the cat, and randomly deciding to backpack or bike across entire states.



Leah Bell-Johnson

Youth Instructor, Pro-Belayer, Future Dirtbag

Leah was born and raised outside Boulder Colorado and spent many of her early years exploring and hiking in the Rocky Mountains.  After discovering climbing in middle school, she competed for the Boulder Rock Club’s youth team for six years, paying her dues as a gym rats and earning numerous medals and ribbons during her competitive career.  She caught the outdoor climbing bug and spent the last few years cragging in and around Colorado.  Her favorite spots are Boulder Canyon, Rifle and Hueco Tanks.  As an instructor, she rocks it in the youth climbing club, birthday parties and Friday/Saturday Night Heights at PRG.  When she isn’t wrangling children or hanging around the gym, she enjoys reading Terry Pratchett, studying Japanese, getting flash pumped on 5.10 outdoor routes and fantasizing about paddling a miniature kayak down the Willamette.


 Richard Douglas

Expert Harness Tightener, Level 6 Berry Picker; Certified Cicerone; Secret Wizard

Richard hails from Louisville KY. The Red River Gorge is his home crag but Richard thoroughly enjoys the wealth of basalt cliffs in his new home in the Columbia River Gorge. While going through a challenging time of change in his life about four years ago, a friend invited Richard to the local gym in Rhode Island (coincidentally a sister gym to Erik Allsopp’s previous employers in Boston).  Climbing, requiring singular focus, offered a distraction during this challenging period- a distraction which eventually became an obsession. Fast forward a few years and here is Richard on the other side of the nation’ as obsessed as ever.  In his spare time, you might find this displaced Kentuckian getting some work done- gardening, woodworking, harvesting, etc.- on the biodiverse farm he currently resides on, cooking delicious food and hiking around in the Gorge.

Kira Amend

Coffee Snob, Wolf Trainer, Mother of Plants

Kira was born in Portland, and is one of the few unicorns left. When not climbing she likes to spend her time shopping for terracotta pots (for her plants), skiing, backpacking/camping, or traveling to get out of the city whenever possible . She has a scooter named Oprah, loves the desert and has a wolf companion named Atlas. She started climbing at Smith Rock and has been climbing for 5 years. She is strongly against toe shoes, her favorite late night haunt is El Matador for happy hour nachos, she loves to draw and listen to music. You can find her with different colored hair, coffee in hand behind the front desk .

Jona Perkins

Is a Scientist.  Builds stuff.  Poolshark

While not writing a boring thesis entitled “Toward a Complete Understanding of Copper Eflux in Escherichia Coli: A Fluorescence-Based Investigation of Metal Transfer Between CusF and CusB” that very few people understand and even fewer actually read.. Jona is probably climbing in the gym and looking for partners outside of the gym.  He’s been climbing for 3 years and lived in Vietnam as a climbing routesetter, belayer, kindergarten teacher and bartender.  How he managed to get all 3 of these businesses together under one roof in a foreign country is a mystery only science can explain…