WY’EAST STUDIO Class Descriptions


Yoga Classes

Vinyasa:  Vinyasa is the dynamic link between breath and movement. Cultivate strength and flexibility while building heat and body awareness. Expect a challenging, alignment based practice composed of a full body warm up, standing poses, twisting, core stabilization, heart openers, optional inversions and end with Savasana.


Restorative Yoga: This slow, quiet and warm class is all about relaxing into your body and mind. In Restorative Yoga, you will hold gentle poses for extended periods of time. Restorative Yoga allows you to work with the breath and create more space in the body. Expect: Comfort, a lot of props to be used, seated / supine / prone postures.


Yin Yoga: Yin Yoga is a slow paced practice that targets deep connective tissue in the body. Postures are held for longer periods of time, from 1 to 4 minutes, in order to facilitate gradual opening and mobilization of the joints. Our instructors put specific emphasis on breath work and environmental cues in order to promote stillness and calming of the mind. Expect: Mild discomfort, deep opening of the spine, shoulders, hips and pelvis, and space for meditation throughout the practice.


Flow + Restore: Cultivate strength and flexibility while building body awareness. This class begins with gentle body opening postures and slowly builds into a vinyasa flow. About halfway through class, you will begin to slow things down as you move into a restorative practice. Think of the perfect fusion of vinyasa yoga and restorative yoga. Expect: Perfect combination of Vinyasa + Restorative.


Yoga for Climbers: All yoga classes on this schedule are great for climbers, however in this class, you will specifically target areas of the body overworked on the wall. Expect: Joint work, hip openers, balance work, shoulder and chest work, mindful movement.


Yoga Foundations:  Build strength and awareness in this class structured specifically for beginners. Time is reserved to learn proper alignment, find modifications for your individual practice, receive hands on adjustments, and to ask questions. Advanced practitioners who seek a slower paced practice with an emphasis on alignment and the principles of yoga are welcome. This class is programmed as a four week series, you are welcome to attend any or all classes in the series.


Fitness Classes

BODYBLAST: A workout suited for all! In Bodyblast we get the heart pumping, work on building muscle, and get fit!  An energetic, total body workout in each and every class with circuits designed to work your whole body, along with a cardio and core blast.. The perfect workout to get your sweat on! All levels and abilities welcome.


MORE THAN CORE: It’s so much more than core! With circuits designed to increase your cardiovascular endurance and engage your core, this high energy class delivers a complete conditioning and core workout! All levels and abilities welcome.


MET-CON: Metabolic Conditioning is the key to endurance, better athletic  performance and a lean, healthy body. In this advanced, circuit style class, we will maximize our time with high intensity interval training, using cardio bursts and compound resistance exercises.

MOVE: This class starts with a dynamic workout using body weight and TRX Straps, and ends with active Instruction in foam rolling, self myofascial release, trigger point and stretching. We will teach you how to recover from intense workouts, manage soreness, tightness, muscular imbalances and facilitate recovery. All levels and abilities welcome.


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