raina_portlandrockgymRaina Miller

Passionate about helping improve the health and well-being of her clients, Raina has been a Personal Trainer for 11 years. She believes fitness should be approached from a total lifestyle perspective, and with this in mind, helps each client to make changes that are conducive to living stronger, happier and healthier lives. Raina always encourages her clients to make athletic goals and rather than aesthetic ones and has derived a great deal of joy from watching them succeed at things they hadn’t thought possible.

Raina holds several Personal Training Certifications including Corrective Exercise and Performance Enhancement Specialist from the National Academy of Sports Medicine. She owned her own gym and Personal Training studio in San Antonio for 4 years where she trained a variety of clients, including ballroom dancers and high school athletes. She also developed a group exercise class program that was hugely popular with her clients and neighbors.

Having lived the first 30 years of her life in the Rocky Mountains, Raina knew South Texas was not going to be her forever home, so in August of 2015, Raina decided that it was time for a new adventure, the mountains were calling. Within a couple of months, she had closed the doors to her gym and hit the road for Portland where she believes she was always meant to be. Raina loves the outdoors and in her free time can be found hiking, drinking coffee, reading, writing and hanging out with her two beloved cats.


Alix Northrup 1 copyAlix Northup

Alix began her study of yoga as a teenager, when her mom brought her to her first yoga class as an alternative treatment for her scoliosis. She draws from her own experience of finding balance in her body and mind to compassionately assist others on their own unique path of healing and discovery.

A student for nearly twenty years, Alix has been teaching yoga since 2007. She is registered with the Yoga Alliance at the 500 hour level, recently completing 300 hours of training with her teachers Tias and Surya Little of Prajna Yoga based in Sante Fe, New Mexico. She is currently working towards her Yoga for Scoliosis teacher certification through senior Iyengar teacher Elise Miller and continues to study yoga for back care and scoliosis with Deborah Wolk from NYC.

As a licensed massage therapist, Alix brings a deep understanding of anatomy and alignment into her teaching and hands on adjustments. Her classes combine elements of meditative practice from various traditions with yoga and conscious movement, with the intention of bringing mindfulness into into the yoga experience on and off the mat.

Alix spends her free time rock climbing and exploring the outdoors, cooking, playing music, and lying in savasana.


Becky Polley

Becky started doing yoga as a way to exercise, but it quickly became an all-consuming obsession. She completed her first 200-hour vinyasa training in 2011 to gain a better understanding of yoga philosophy and deepen her own practice. The more she learned, the more she wanted everyone around her to also learn. That’s when Becky realized she wanted to teach.

Since her first teacher training, Becky has continued to expand her knowledge of yogic movement, anatomy and physiology, and philosophy. Having received a degree in Social Work, Becky hopes to combine her passions for yoga and social justice by eventually pursuing yoga therapy. You can expect Becky’s classes to work on slowing the mind, body, and breath, with a focus on releasing tension and relaxation.


Brenda Martin

Brenda fell in love with working out after attending a morning group fitness class with a friend a year and a half ago. Like most, she struggled to get into a groove with any workout class, and would certainly never have called herself a morning person. While the workouts were tough and the early mornings were even tougher, soon she learned to love the sweat and was motivated by her new fitness friends. She took this new found energy and passion for health and fitness and turned it into fun and motivating group fitness classes for PRG!

Brenda has been an avid climber for two years, having just lead her first two routes outside this past summer. When she isn’t on the rock wall or working on her deadlifts, you can find her riding her bike around town, searching out delicious sour beers, and nerding out on all things transit.

Brenda loves using fun and functional fitness training, coming up with creative workouts, and playing the jams that will keep you moving, (even at 7:15 am!). Whether you want to build muscle, burn calories, or get lean, Brenda’s classes will help you achieve a wide range of fitness goals with cardio, core, and strength work.


Christina Provencio

Christina’s practice began in college when a dorm mate invited her to yoga at the rec center on campus. She fell in love immediately and surrendered to an eternal life of conscious practice and learning. Never before had she been asked to breathe this way, to listen this way, to move and stretch this way, to be this way. Yoga quickly became more than the balance she needed to get herself through the stressful times; yoga became Christina’s spiritual fire and connection to an evolution of movement.

During her time in Southeast Asia, the asanas were brought to life for her in a traditional experience. Traveling from village to village, Christina sought out guidance and training under Buddhist monks. She learned to quiet the mind and surrender to the power of meditation.

Today, yoga continues to challenge her as she strengthens her relationship with herself. As this connection deepens, she is able to share her heart and passion for this life to the people around her through practicing yoga side by side. This ever growing love has presented Christina with the opportunity to teach and share her spiritual journey with our yoga community.


doragaskillDora Gaskill

Dora Gaskill is a dance artist, yogi, lighting designer, and writer with 28 years of experience in movement arts and education. She received her MFA in Choreography from Roehampton University, London (2009) and MA in Literature from the Bread Loaf School of English (2015). Her somatic and contemplative movement practices are informed by the Alexander Technique, Mabel Ellsworth Todd, Linda K. Johnson, Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen, Amy Matthews, and a lifetime of contemporary dance and composition. Dora’s studio disciplines are in ongoing conversation with her love of the natural world, hiking, backpacking, and climbing. She also loves to play music and sing.

Since 2013, Dora supports Mysore Ashtanga at Near East Yoga and offers movement workshops to yoga communities in Portland and Eugene. There are strong somatic and philosophical components to her vinyasa teaching. She invites students to explore the body’s natural resilience and to notice their deepest patterns. By observing our physiology, making choices about where we place attention, and being with ourselves in process, we welcome transformation and enjoy spontaneity in our lives. As a community, breathing and moving together allows us to cultivate honest and courageous collective experience.


PRG Yoga Instructor Hannah Olivia

Hannah Olivia

Since she can remember, Hannah has always been restless. Her curiosity and abundant energy kept her running, dancing, playing, painting, drawing and reading all day until she dropped, often times with her hand still marking the page in a book. It’s not a surprise that as she grew older she began to get a little burnt out. In an effort to stay active despite multiple injuries, she began attending yoga classes at her local gym. There was something about the rhythm – the incredible dynamic between breath and movement – that she loved, and soon enough she was hooked. Although her relationship with Downward Facing Dog has continued to be complicated there were, luckily, other aspects of the practice that began to develop and take hold: intention, mindfulness, and radical love and acceptance.

In her classes, she encourages curiosity, emphasizes proper alignment, and incorporates her passions for both music and philosophy. Her goal is to create a space in which her students can experience their deepest presence.

Hannah received her training with Rosie Acosta through YogaWorks and is RYT-200 certified.

Heather Klawender

My love affair with movement began at age 3 when I started dancing. I have a profound appreciation for the self awareness, connectedness, spaciousness, and peace which physical practice brings to each individual. I have been practicing yoga for over 14 years and am honored to have been certified in Hatha and Vinyasa yoga under the tutelage of Sarah Trelease. I am personally committed to yoga asana as a form of moving meditation on a daily basis as a way of staying mindful, centered and whole. My teaching focuses on alignment, strength, connection to the breath, presence, compassion and awareness. I aim to help my students build confidence in their abilities and loving kindness toward themselves. I strive to create an environment in which all feel completely welcome and accepted regardless of where they are at in their practice; a positive space from which to learn, grow and thrive. I am humbled with gratitude at the opportunity to share presence, space, and breath with the Portland Rock Gym community.


Lexi Hardin

RYT 200 Yoga Alliance

With a background of 16 years of professional and preprofessional ballet training, I have learned a lot about movement, as well as discipline and injury. After finding yoga at the age of 16, I discovered that not only can the movements of asana help to heal the body, but also calm the mind and spread love. I became certified in 2013 after acquiring a consistent practice, with a goal to share all of the amazing things yoga was teaching me. Studying with my fellow yogis has been one of the most humbling and rewarding experiences, teaching me more with every practice. Through guiding flows, I hope to open the mind through encouraging playfulness, curiosity, and acceptance.


MaryHeinMary Hein

My name is Mary and I am new to Portland. All of my life, fitness has been a big part of who I am; from dancing and swimming to hiking and mud runs. It wasn’t until I graduated college and sat myself at a desk for eight hours a day, five days a week that my focus shifted towards health. Still, it took three years at a desk, a 200 hour yoga teacher training, and an adventure around the world to make me realize this is the field I belong in.

My goal is to encourage others to optimize their happiness and health, and help them along the way by means of yoga, philosophy, education, and inspiration.

My flow based classes are designed to be welcoming and fun for all levels. They will encourage you to challenge yourself, both mentally and physically, while maintaining a conscious and steady breath. Each class incorporates a balance of Eastern and Western philosophies, sciences, and techniques. When you walk off the mat, expect to carry with you confidence, happiness, and a smile on your face.


Steve Manos

Fitness has always been a way of life for Steve. High school athletics lead to sports conditioning and he kept that up in college. He started his career in fitness right after college in 1998, working as a fitness trainer. Steve believes that positive habits should require very little discipline, once established. Behaviors that positively serve our lives perpetuate themselves. His mission is to inspire others to find the balance that makes good habits easy to maintain.

Steve grew up in NE Portland and has built a life that revolves around outdoor recreation and fitness. An avid snow skier, Steve made his first turns on the Buttercup run at Mt. Hood Meadows when he was eight years old. He gets up to the mountain as often as he can in the winter. In the summer, you can find him kiteboarding in the Columbia River Gorge. Steve also trains jiu jitsu 4-5 days a week and holds the rank of purple belt.

When he’s relaxing, Steve enjoys meeting friends for coffee to discuss all things, big and small. He is an avid listener to podcasts and audio books. He’s also a huge movie nerd.

Steve holds a Bachelor’s of Science from the University of North Texas, a CSCS certification from the National Strength and Conditioning Association and a Fitness Nutrition Specialization from the National Academy of Sports Medicine.



Zac O photo (2)

Zach Ovall

Zach Ovall is a northwest native who specializes in optimizing his students’ levels of strength, mobility, and conditioning.  When you attend one of Zach’s classes, you’ll get a smart workout that fits your needs, and individual attention to help you get the most out of every session   He holds a certification in personal training through the National Academy of Sports Medicine, and has earned a degree in exercise science from Clark College, in Vancouver, WA.  Zach is always excited to meet new students, and he’s ready to help you tackle your next challenge!



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