Climbing Team

Team PRG develops high performing climbing athletes in a way that emphasizes fun, fosters a love of the sport, and supports each team member’s personal development. Our coaching team will challenge and encourage your child to come into their own as an independent, responsible, strong, and respectful climber. Our program is designed to help our climbers achieve their goals, and to support climbers socially, mentally, and physically.

Our coaches emphasize the importance of community by creating a fun environment for friendships to develop, and a challenging team environment for youth climbers to excel.

PRG’s Youth Teams

Our program practices as two teams based on age, experience, personal goals, and ability.

Both PRG teams are USAC affiliated programs. This provides our climbers the opportunity to compete against each other in their age categories in the three climbing disciplines: bouldering, sport climbing, and speed climbing. The governing body of youth climbing to competitions in America is USA Climbing (USAC). Climbing competitions occur according to specific seasons:

  • Bouldering Season, called: the American Bouldering Series (ABS), takes place from September-January.
  • Sport and Speed Season, called: the Sport/Speed Climbing Series (SCS), takes place from February-April.

ABS and SCS competition seasons include local competitions, as well as championship events.

Team Perks

  • Parents receive a FREE Intro Class! PRG would like the parents of team members to be able to belay for their kids on the team. This allows the parents to belay their kids outside of practice and be more involved in their child’s sport.
  • Team members will learn to belay and belay for each other.
  • Team members who are in age categories that lead climb will learn to lead, all other youth of appropriate ability level will start to lead climb as well.
  • Team members will the opportunity to order pro deal priced equipment, and discounted team shirts/hoodies at the start of each season.
  • Team members will have access to go on outdoor trips throughout the year with our guide service at discounted rates.

Making Practice

The coaches strongly encourage team members to make all practices possible. While comps and outings are fun, practices and training sessions should be the real motivator for joining and participating in the climbing team. Practices consist of climbing drills, technique and skill building, endurance, core workouts and strength training drills. The kids will be carrying out age appropriate weight lifting to strengthen their prime moving muscles as well as their antagonistic (non-climbing) muscles to prevent injury.